About Us

About Us

415 Clothing, Inc. is a family owned and operated clothing brand featuring San Francisco, and the 415 area code of the city by the bay that we love.

We have been in business since the 80's, when our founder Rudy could be found working swap meets and motorcycle events all over California selling his brand of screen printed tees and hoodies.

That evolved in the 90's when he became part owner of a local motorcycle shop specializing in Harley Davidson's. He began building beautiful motorcycles as well as continuing his t-shirt branding, and eventually branching out into a 415 brand of leather vests and jackets.

In the mid 90's Rudy brought his wife on board who evolved the business into an online clothing store called Frisco Tees. This continued to evolve with a trademarked name change to 415 Clothing in 2003, as well as the opening of their flagship store in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco in 2004 where they stayed for 10.5 years.

Once the tech boom hit the city and their leased building was sold, they re-located to the East side of the city. This is where you can find them today, in the neighborhood historically named Butchertown.

Butchertown was the original name for this industrial section of San Francisco that historically housed the city's slaughterhouses. Originally, Butchertown extended into the neighborhood now known as Dogpatch. This area of San Francisco also is known for having the best weather in the city!

So come on down to Butchertown, visit our beautiful 415 retail location, enjoy the wonderful weather our neighborhood has to offer, then head over to the Dogpatch (named for the packs of dogs that used to scavenge discarded meat parts from Butchertown) a few minutes north of us for an assortment of Bars and Restaurants to choose from. This is THE new happening area in the city!!